Intro to Android

This workbook was originally created by Corey Leigh Latislaw as training materials for an in-person class.

This is free alpha version of this book, I hope you enjoy it! Join the mailing list to keep up with the official release.

What To Expect

Hands On

A portion of the day will be dedicated to lecture, but it's important to get you coding and exploring as soon as possible!

We will be working through a series of lab assignments as a complement to the material you will be learning. Our first assignment will be creating a calculator application. This will cover several foundational Android topics. The second assignment will be a regional food recommendation app where we'll cover networking, data management, and services.

Pair Programming

We'll be pair programming for the majority of the lab sessions. You are welcome to switch up pairs as often as you like, but working solo isn't permitted. If we have an odd number of participants, I'll pair with someone in the class.

There are many pairing methodologies out there, but I generally favor ping ponging. In this model someone writes a failing test (red) and then you switch who's in the driver's seat. The new developer makes the test pass (green) and refactors (refactor) as necessary. Then they write a failing test and the cycle starts over again.

If you haven't pair programmed before, I think you'll like it. It can be quite fun and it's a great way to learn from others.