Intro to Android

Chapter 1: Android

According to Meier, "mobile-phone ownership easily surpasses computer ownership [and] 2009 marked the year that more people accessed the Internet for the first time from a mobile phone rather than a PC. Many people believe that within the next 5 years more people will access the Internet by mobile phone rather than using personal computers."

Devices, such as phones and tablets, are quite literally changing the world – one person and one app at a time. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives in the short time they have been around!

The potential you have to create a useful app for people the world over is a rare and special gift. It's hard to think of something more rewarding to do in this world than to make such a personal connection and change the course of people's lives. You can equip people with knowledge, tools, and games that will make them competitive in the years to come as technology advances.

It's an exciting time to become and Android developer! There is a high demand and lots of opportunity to make an impact locally and globally.

Knowing the foundations of Android will help you on your exploration of this fascinating platform to help you make apps that can literally change the world!


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