Intro to Android

Lab Background

This lab will walk you through using IntelliJ to generate the project and maven to make integrate Robolectric.

After creating an Android project with the wizard, you move the source files into a mvn-like structure. Then you configure module settings in IntelliJ. To install Robolectric, you will add a pom file (maven dependency file) into the project. Finally, you will write your first test and run it inside the IDE.

Integration can be tricky, especially when creating a project from scratch. I'm a huge fan of living in IDE-land as much as possible, so this approach minimizes command line work and manual project configuration.


A version of this Calculator project can be found here: CalculatorLab.

It has tags for all the major steps to help you as you work through the labs. If you wanted to follow along from the beginning, start with the tag 2.2-step1. Each tag matches up with the chapter's section numbers.