Intro to Android

Robolectric Integration

Step 1: Create Android project

Use the IntelliJ Android wizard to create a Hello World project. First, choose the storage location and platform.

Hello World 1

On the next screen:

  • Name your application Calculator
  • Create a "Hello, World! activity" and name it CalculatorActivity
  • Set the package name to com.mobiquity.calculator
  • Choose "USB device" as the "Target Device"

Hello World 2

Step 2: Set up directories for maven

Use IntelliJ or the command line to move files into the following structure:


Note: IntelliJ might not like it when you add subdirectories to the folder marked as source. If you are having trouble setting up the directory structure, open the screen shown in the next step and remove the old source folder before adding new subfolders.

Step 3: Configure IntelliJ source and test folders

Update module settings in IntelliJ to recognize the source and test directories (below: blue folder is source and test folder is green).

Special Folders

After you are done, your project should look something like this:

Project Structure

Step 4: Integrate Robolectric

Copy this sample pom.xml into live in the root of your project. Change the groupId to suit your project (e.g. com.mobiquity.calculator). If desired, also edit the artifactId, version, and name values.

Step 5: Maven

Check "Maven Projects" view in IntelliJ to ensure that it looks something like this:


If you see errors, you may just need to refresh and wait for it to finish indexing/importing your libraries. It may help to run mvn install on the command line and restart IntelliJ.

If you are still having issues, your Android facet may be the problem. Open the Android facet for your project and change to "Generate by IDE."

Facet Settings